Young Adults

Young Adults at New Community is exactly that...
A 'New'...  'Community'... of 'Young Adults'...

'New' defines that we are all about opening our lives for God to shape us and make us fresh and alive.

'Community' is how we are wired. Doing life well looks like doing it together.
'Young Adults' is a brilliant life stage brought to life by a shared freedom, joy & a journey of finding our way into adulthood.

Jump on board!


The beating heart of our Young Adults are our Wednesday night LifeGroups.

We meet in homes, share a meal, pray for each other and dive deep into understanding God more, tackle challenging questions and explore what it looks like to follow him.


Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Alongside our LifeGroups, we encourage each other to form Triplets. These mini-groups are a great way to travel life closely with others and also to challenge each other to grow in our pursuit of Jesus.