Our Vision

New Community is building a growing community of vibrant Jesus followers, visibly impacting our spheres, shaping our city & serving our world.

Our 2023 Focus

Quietly Loud is our strategic emphasis for the year.
With the changing world around us we need to learn to inhabit God’s story in a manner that allows others to see the good news about Jesus with fresh eyes.
That might require us to embrace a life that is quietly loud,
where our actions speak volumes and stem from deep convictions
about our part in God’s story


People are often curious to know if they need to sign up to some kind of membership before they can be part of New Community. The simple answer is no.

No, you don’t need to be a ‘member’ to belong, but we do value something we call 'Partnership'.

Partnership at New Community is based upon a collection of values that we believe represent God’s intention for our lives. These are spelled out in a series of statements we refer to as our covenant.

However, long before someone gets to this place, we simply invite people to take their time in getting to know us. We would encourage you to participate in any or all of our activities so that you will get a better feel for who and what we are on about.

So feel free to participate and explore the community at your pace.
Take your time. Talk to people. Get involved. 
Then you might like to consider the following:

Attend a newcomers gathering – every four to six weeks an informal space is created after our Sunday@10 gathering for you to dialogue with one of the church leaders, meet other new people, and learn more about how our community operates.

Set aside time to join us at The Heart of New Community – this is our one-day seminar which serves to help you understand the mission and vision of our church community in greater detail. You will come away from this day having been well fed, refreshed, connected with others, and well grounded in the foundations of New Community.

Experience a Partnership Evening – we set aside time each year to affirm people who have decided to embrace our covenant and more formally partner with us. On these evenings we typically hear people’s stories of how they have come to know Jesus and the journey which has led them to belong with us.