Our Way of Life

The very first followers of Jesus were known as ‘people of the way’.

At New Community we recognise that there are numerous distractions and challenges to following Jesus. His way of living is just one among a multitude of lifestyles that compete for our attention. That’s why we have sought to describe what a lifestyle patterned after Jesus might look like. We call it our ‘Way of Life’.

It consists of four activities we seek to practise in the course of our everyday lives.


We will share our lives generously
with others.


We will consistently immerse
ourselves in the scriptures and
in prayer.


We will act to transform our
world for good.


We will make regular times of
rest a pattern in our lives.
If someone asked, “What does being a Christian involve?”, we might reply, “Well it means that I regularly IMMERSE myself in the teaching of Jesus”. In other words I make Jesus my reference point for living. I seek to SHARE my resources, my home and myself openly with others as well as being open to discuss my faith. I seek to ACT when I see things of injustice around me, desiring to offer assistance and serve others for good. And I REST, knowing that in order to sustain the 'Jesus life' I need to regularly embrace a day for recreation and celebration.”

Adopting any rhythm for life requires a fair level of commitment. That’s why we encourage people to practise this way of life alongside someone else... being a part of a whole community doing the same!

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